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Resilient Health Discovery is a rich guiding resource enabling people to explore and discover innate gifts and strengths that optimize and balance their physical (body), mental (mind), and spiritual (spirit) health. Our books help you to live your life to the fullest. Try one, or try them all. Mind Body Spirit and Resilient Journey are available in soft cover, eBooks, and audiobooks. A Better Tomorrow is coming Spring 2022.

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Mind Body Spirit: The Triple Bond of Optimal Wellness by Keith Karren, PhD; the book is available in our store.

Mind Body Spirit eBook is available at Amazon at this link:

Would you like to live a great adventure that will culminate in the reality of optimum wellness, a deep sense of joy, and a long and satisfying life? Yes, even when life in America seems turned upside down? Do you feel that YOU are in control of you? Well you are and you can use your body, mind, and spirit in positive, health-centered ways to reach that goal. That reality will help you prevent or alter the course of disease and change the very fabric of your thought AND even your physical body

What health challenges are you presently experiencing? Most of us have too much stress and anxiety. Our blood pressure is too high and chronic pain robs us of a quality life. Add to that insomnia, depression, heart problems, low self-esteem—the list goes on. No one wants to live with poor health and an early death, including you, and you don’t have to! Mind Body Spirit shows you how to redesign your life through a mind, body, spirit balance

Rekindle future hope through powerful connections of the mind and body. Successfully manage your stress and develop greater resilience. Experience emotional control, positive perceptions, internal life control, healthy relationships, and spiritual wellness. These all result in a healthy body which leads you to healthier, resilient behavior, and optimal wellness.

You will learn the core principles of well-being. They include a feeling of personal control and empowerment. A sense of meaning and purpose develops. Positive relationships and connectedness occur. A feeling of hope is generated to experience optimal health and wellness. You will envision what you want to have happen in your life! It’s all found in Mind Body Spirit: The Triple Bond of Optimal Wellness, obtained at

So why should you listen to Dr. Karren or read his words? As a professor of Health Science at a major university for 39 years, he was awarded his University’s highest teaching honor. He taught, researched, and published in the areas of health and lifestyle management, health behavior change, and Psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology. His twenty-four books include the classic text Mind/Body Health: The Effects of Attitudes, Emotions and Relationships, now in its’ fourth edition. Dr. Karren hosted the “Psychobiology of Health and Healing” conference for many years, working closely with leaders in the PNEI field. Above all, he is healthy and well and has discovered how to live life to its’ fullest.

Resilient Journey: Turning Difficulties into Diamonds by Glenn Richardson, PhD and Keith Karren, PhD; the book is available in our store.

Resilient Journey eBook is available at Amazon at this link:

It is the discovery of the path that leads to the fulfillment of one’s potential and helps to experience optimal health.  The pathway is through resiliency.  Resiliency is the process and experience of being disrupted by stressors, life events, adversity, or challenges and, in the humbling lows of introspective enlightenment, accessing innate self-mastering strengths, using integrative health modalities to which they have resonated.

People become stronger through the disruption. The magnificent energy to thrive is called resilience. It is a force within everyone that drives the person to seek self-actualization, altruism, wisdom, peace, and harmony with a source of spiritual strength. 

The resilient journey facilitates the rediscovery of personal resilient qualities, finds purpose and meaning, and teaches powerful skills of self-mastery and health creating relationships. Resilience within the process of resiliency is vital in mastering and thriving through stressors—it is strength-based stress management.

The personal journey of discovering resilient qualities also allows people to form resilient relationships with trust, optimal communication, mutual empowerment, and synergy in families, businesses, and other social situations.