Time to Rethink Your Personal Balance

Listen to people who have read and benefited tremendously from these books!

This book is brilliant, spot on, and a must read as a guide to a fulfilling, meaningful life. Love the  “What’s your ‘one thing’ in life that gives you purpose?'”   Morris H Kullmer.  

MIND BODY SPIRIT: The Triple Bond of Optimal Wellness is so easy to follow; it is sure to help each of us improve our own individual lives in a major manner. It is both impressive and exciting.  

Dr. Keith Karren, PhD has taken his own life studies, added the studies of well over 200 professionals from a wide scope of fields, and presented to us an astounding book which can very well guide us in a major way to understanding ourselves much better.   Extremely well organized, Dr. Karren speaks to the layman, which is so needed. I love the his sense of humor even as he shares his knowledge. This style assists the reader to feel comfortable.

I see so many people suffering from depression and feel there is more hope for them. As I read Mind Body Spirit, I found the explanation of what our body needs to regain harmony.   Dr. Karren writes about balancing mind, body, and spirit and shows us immediately its importance. This understanding is key to everyone in propelling us to adjust or tweak our own habits in life to bring about a more balanced and happier individual.

If we want to improve ourselves—our lives—this book should be at the top of our reading list. Truly, good health is within our reach and capability.   Mind Body Spirit is an amazing book and every page promises to help each of us understand ourselves better. (It is also colorful and well designed.)       Ellie Braun-Haley

Life’s journey holds the possibility of adversity and dysfunction as well as growth, triumph, and joy. Too often, we view these sets of outcomes as opposite ends of a spectrum. We have such an aversion to adversity and dysfunction and such a drive toward triumph and joy that we can fail to see their interdependence. The study and application of resilience offer navigation with this interdependence and a positive pathway forward to help us move through life’s challenges stronger, healthier, and more joyfully.  

Dr. Karren’s treatise on the connection of mind, body, and spirit is bound to be a classic, foundational book in the area. In this era of integrated medical care, Dr. Karren has not only provided a critical analysis of the mind/ body/spirit connection, but illuminated the invaluable contribution of positive spiritual practice to potentiate more fully the health of mind and body. As he suggests, “positive spiritual practices influence the health of the mind and body,” it cements the importance of developing all three in my own life and the lives of those I work with clinically. Additionally,  I found his work not only research-based  but completely readable. As it did for me, I think it will ignite every reader with a new passion for self-care and wellness. Dan Daley, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Keith Karren has spent several decades compiling the science of what actually works, and how it works, for mental and spiritual processes. These processes create good health, well-being, and resilience. His book, Mind Body Spirit: The Triple Bond of Optimal Wellness, has masterfully distilled the practical pearls of mind, body, spirit research into easily understood principles and well-written descriptions of practices that effectively implement those principles. It well deserves careful reading and application. This is a pioneering work whose time has come and is greatly needed. N. Lee Smith, MD

Mind Body Spirit is a great read. A real privilege to have a copy. Angela Keeler. UK

This book is written for the individual who wants to improve their overall well-being, whether physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, or all of them together. Understanding how our mind, body, and spirit impact each other helps the reader move toward optimum health and wellness.  I used the full textbook version of this material, written by Dr. Karren, while teaching Mind Body Spirit Health at a University. This book condenses a 600-page, highly scientific textbook into a very understandable 132-page book suitable for every reader.

One of the important aspects of Mind Body Spirit, for me is that the author separately addresses several topics, that affect all of us throughout life: stress, perception, personality, emotions, and social support, and then he masterfully ties them all together.  I especially like the pictures and graphics that give visual representation of the principles discussed. So many of us are visual learners and need that added dimension to help us fully understand a principle. I love the side bar quotes like: “Life is based on perception. Perception is based on opinion. Opinion is based on thought. Thought comes from the mind. Change your mind, change your life.”  Another quote that I feel has a great message is by Margaret Kemeny: “When it comes to stress, the body is responding to what’s going on in the brain, not to what’s going on in the environment.”  The reader can open the book to any page and find a life-changing quote.

Everyone who reads MBS will glean some precious insights and jewels of wisdom that will improve their overall health and wellness. Even the reader who already enjoys good health will take away some new ideas, suggestions, or even some transforming practices for ways to optimize their journey through life. I am grateful to Dr. Keith Karren for his great wisdom and his example of living his life in optimal health, clearly practicing all these principles in his daily life.  I will be giving this book out to those I care about for Christmas.

I would rate this book ten ********** stars. Karen Shores, PhD

I have read MIND BODY SPIRIT and keep it on my desk. I have given copies to my children and friends. I highly recommend it for a rich and fuller life. Dr. Karren’s book should be written in all languages as its content is universal. Morris Howard Kulmer, USA

I have this awesome book (MIND BODY SPIRIT…) I read it once , but it’s time to pull it out and read it again. Thank you for reminding me how much I enjoyed it. Bless your heart. Diana Wagoner Fisher, USA

MIND BODY SPIRIT is a remarkable book written by a remarkable man. Kathy Corbin Aitchison, UK

I love that you have ventured into topics that can sometimes be uncomfortable for people. Resilient Journey encompassed the most important topics that need to be discussed and the strategies/ideas you provided will help many. Thank you for seeing the importance of the mind, body, and spirit and how they all go together! EHA Member

Mind Body Spirit and Resilient Journey are the best books you have done so far! EHA Member

I really and truly loved Mind Body Spirit. The information in the book was fantastic and I enjoyed reading and applying the information I gained. Thank you. EHA Member

The information in Resilient Journey was discussed at one of our professional development meetings that those strategies could be used to help our Native American students become more resilient. Good book; fantastic; and I enjoyed reading and applying the information I gained. Thank you. EHA Member

It’s kind of amazing the timing of these books during the whole stress of coronavirus. These ideas are helpful in warding off the stress placed on us by the media and the virus itself. I am reading and applying the information I gained. Thank you. EHA Member

I liked reading the book Resilient Journey: Turing Difficulties Into Diamonds. I have worked harder on my overall outlook and health, which includes mind and body as well. I’ve faced the challenge of trying hard to eat healthier, think positive, and have a positive outlook on life as well. So proud of myself; I’ve lost 4 pounds! I’m turning Difficulties into Diamonds! EHA Member

Mind Body Spirit has been my favorite challenge by far! I love that you ventured into topics that can sometimes be uncomfortable for people. These are some of the most important topics that need to be discussed and the strategies/ideas you provided will help many. Thank you for seeing the importance of the mind, body, and spirit and how they all go together! EHA Member

Resilient Journey is a tremendous resource and I have shared it with one of my sons, with plans to share it with others as he finishes reading it. I would love access to more copies! EHA Member

Mind Body Spirit is one of the best books yet! Wonderful information! I will use this and read the book over and over! EHA Member

This challenge came at just the right time for me. I am (family is) going through a very personal struggle now/still. It is crushing my heart but being able to read this book and look at things with a new perspective has helped immensely. I felt at times this book was written just for me. I also loved the quotes throughout the book. Once again just for me! Thank you. The situation is still not resolved but I feel better having gone through the Resilient Journey. Thank you! EHA Member