A Better Tomorrow

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Pre-readers are saying this about A Better Tomorrow, now available on Amazon.com in print, eBook, and audio.

As a publisher and author myself, I am constantly combing the world over for success stories on resiliency that inspire other people and exemplify the best of the human spirit. This book of triumph and resiliency of overcoming the seemingly impossible is one of my favorites. If you desire to fulfill the greater potential left untapped still inside you, read this book! Chad Hymas, Author of Doing What Must Be Done, Hall of Fame Speaker, Member of Speakers Roundtable

In a world filled with stress, anxiety, depression, divineness, uncertainty, and conflict, we all want to find a better tomorrow; a way to become our best self so we can meet the world with the highest in us. In spite of the chaos and turbulence that surrounds us on a daily basis, we can become strongly resilient people by learning and following the principles and behaviors of resilient people.

Dr. Keith Karren and Dr. Glenn Richardson are the most qualified people I know to lead the way in that quest to become resilient individuals. Not only are they the intellectual and academic leaders in the field of resilience, they also manifest all of these principles in their daily lives. They are the epitome of resilient individuals. Both of these men have weathered the trials, challenges, physical pains, heartaches, tribulations, and depths of sorrow that we all face throughout life. However, instead of crumbling under the weight of life’s most difficult challenges, they have chosen to employ the principles of resilient living. They have both dedicated their lives to studying, teaching, writing about, and living the principles of resilience.  

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with both of these incredible men.  I have learned a great deal from studying the concepts of stress and resilience that they have taught. However, I have learned even more by watching them live what they know, meeting trials and pain with resilience and hope. They are, without question, the experts in the field.  

Dr. Karren and Dr. Richardson have captured and eloquently written about the process toward living a better life filled with resilience. Resilience is most definitely a process. There are many different factors that combine to produce a resilient person. Resilience is a combination of thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. Dr. Karren and Dr. Richardson lead the reader through exercises in self-discovery, balancing stress and resilience, understanding how physical health impacts stress and resilience, monitoring and controlling thoughts, finding and living spiritual truth, finding meaning and purpose in life, the joys of connecting with others, and following the principles of well-being. 

The book is well-written, filled with wisdom, insightful quotes from resilient individuals, and inspirational examples of how people have overcome enormous challenges. They have included worksheets I the printed version so the reader can do introspective self-evaluation and set meaningful goals.  

For anyone who is seeking a life of resilience, this is the step-by-step book you need on your nightstand. These men are brilliant. I am privileged to call them my friends. 

Karen Shores, PhD